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Target gene amplification technology of a clustered genetic variations in a motif

Technical Overview

  • TriO (Trigger Oligonucleotide) technology is a high-sensitivity, high-sensitivity PCR technology that can effectively detect target genes with various subtypes or serotypes by our specialized primer design and amplification technique.

Principle of action

  • In the early reaction TriO primer is used to amplify even a small amount of minor type to generate a certain level of amplicon.
  • Then high concentration of representative primer enables homogeneous and effective detection of various target genes.

Feature point

  • High Inclusivity PCR

    • TriO™ Technology can detect clustered genetic variations in a motif with minimum number of primers and is suitable for multiplex PCR
  • High Sensitivity

    • TriO™ Technology has high sensitivity due to maximized efficiency of primer and improved primer binding.
  • High Adaptability

    • TriO™ Technology can be utilized in gene amplification-based molecular diagnostics to provide highly comprehensive diagnostic results.

Application Examples

  • Fluorescence intensities are improved by homogenous amplification through fusion of TriO technology to target analysis with many mutations in primer binding site, thereby improving sensitivity.
  • TriO PCR Ampilcon

  • Results of the application of the TriO on NeoPlex