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Simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens by Genematrix Proprietary Multiplex PCR technology followed by liquid bead microarray

Technical Overview

  • OmniPlex Bead Array technology is a diagnostic system developed by the integration of GeneMatrix multiplex PCR and Luminex bead technology. Microbeads conjugated with pathogen-specific probes are selectively hybridized to target DNA and emit fluorescence which is analyzed by Luminex MAGPIX instrument. More than 50 microbeads can be coded at different wavelengths of fluorescence, allowing simultaneous detection of multiple pathogens.

Principle of action

  • Luminex MAGPIX reads the diagnostic results by a CCD (Charge-coupled Device) camera that measures the fluorescence of PCR-amplified nucleotides hybridized with specific microbeads emitted by Green and Red LED from the instrument.
  • Step 1.

    PCR & Beads Hybridization

  • Step 2.


  • Step 3.

    Results Report

Feature point

  • High Sensitivity & High Accuracy

    • Superior sensitivity and specificity are achieved by adopting GeneMatrix’s proprietary Trio® and EnCleap® PCR technology.
  • Power of Multiplexing

    • 50 pathogens can be analyzed simultaneously in a single-tube reaction.
  • User Friendliness & One-day Report

    • The experimental procedure is simple and easy to use, enabling fast results analysis.
  • Automatic High-throughput Analysis

    • Easy and quick result reporting is possible by integrating with automatic analysis software.

Application Examples

  • In conjunction with the automatic analysis software with MAGPIX, a large number of samples can be analyzed easily and quickly.
  • MAGPIX Read Result

  • Omniplex viewer Result