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NeoPlex™ RV-Panel B Detection Kit
Simultaneous Detection of 9 Respiratory Viruses

Product Overview

  • NeoPlex™ RV-Panel B Detection Kit simultaneously detects 9 viral respiratory pathogens in a single-tube multiplex real-time RT-PCR based on proprietary C-Tag™ technology.
Coronavirus OC43 (CoV-OC43) Coronavirus NL63 (CoV-NL63) Coronavirus 229E (CoV-229E)
Coronavirus HKU1 (CoV-HKU1) Parainfluenza Virus 4 (PIV4) Human Rhinovirus (hRV)
Human Enterovirus (hEV) Human Bocavirus (hBoV) Human Metapneumovirus (hMPV)

Feature of Product

Single-Tube Real-Time RT-PCR Reaction

  • By Genematrix’s Proprietary C-Tag™ Technology

High Inclusivity

  • Detection of 4 types of human coronavirus causing bronchiolitis, croup and pneumonia
  • Identification lof Rhinovirus of subtype A, B, C and respiratory infection-associated Enterovirus of subtype A, B, C, D

Superior Clinical Performance

  • Clinical Sensitivity: 96.24 - 100%
  • Clinical Specificity: 99.78 - 100%
  • Reproducibility: 100%

Ease of Use

  • Automated analysis with Neoplex Viewer software
  • One-Step RT-PCR without separate cDNA synthesis step

Fast Turnaround Time (TAT)

  • Within 4 hours analysis from nucleic acid extraction to result analysis, enabling same day report


  • Nasopharyngeal swab

NeoPlex™ Viewer