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Innovative New Drug Development

Through the existing Protein Active Restoration Source Technology (PREFER), the recombinant protein mass production technology, the monoclonal antibody screening technology, the cell culture technology, the biological drug effectiveness assessment technology, etc., bio-high polymer, We are promoting the development of new drugs based on natural materials and low molecules.

  • Through our strengths in the discovery, evaluation, and analysis of biomarker-based targeted therapies, we are able to effectively derive biomarker-based candidate materials, screen clinical patients, monitor drug efficacy, and validate drug efficacy, develop Innovative New Drugs (Innovative New Drugs) and develop Companion Diagnostics (CDx) to determine drug prescription patients.
  • In addition, we will strengthen our new drug portfolio through our own capabilities as well as active C&D (Connect & Development). We will continue to explore, derive, evaluate, and develop innovative new drug candidate materials.


  • Constructions for the availability of recombinant proteins, their methods and methods of production of recombinant antigen using them (application:10-2016-0026434)
  • Anti-cancer and anti-cancer aid composition (registration: 10-1361531)
  • a constituent containing wheat extract or its fraction as an active ingredient (registration: 10-1160575)
  • Constructions for the treatment and prevention of obesity, which contain stalagmites as active ingredients (registration: 10-1277266)
  • Constructions for the prevention or improvement of non-alcoholic fatty liver disease containing wheat-net extract as an active ingredient (application: 10-2017-011600)
  • single-clone antibodies specific to heart-type fatty acid binding proteins and hybrid doma cells that produce them and their manufacturing methods (application:10-2016-0050308)
  • Genetic markers and their use to predict the Sorafenib reaction of liver cell cancer patients (application: 10-2016-0033879)
  • Drug resistance prediction of chronic hepatitis B treatments and their prediction methods (Registration:10-2012-0035603)
  • Methods for analyzing and predicting the risk of hepatic carcinoma in patients with chronic liver disease (PCT/KR2011/007895)
  • hepatitis B virus treatment (application: 10-2006-0135806)
  • Methods for detecting drug-resistant gene mutation for HIV using the restriction enzyme fragment mass polymorphism (PCT/KR2012/002441)
  • To pre-diagnose or diagnose a stroke (application:10-2001-005824)
  • Kit for genetic analysis of high-risk human papilloma viruses and their analysis methods (registration: 10-1401940)