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Genematrix aims to be a global medical and bio-technology company that Realizes healthy living

Medical and bio-technology is the key field that can lead and shape the 4th industrial revolution, including smart healthcare, new drug, and medical devices.
Genematrix has focused its R&D on convergence technology, which consistently grows and has influence in the world market, and made every effort on commercialization since it has been listed on the KOSDAQ as a technology innovation corporation in 2009. Genematrix has developed core platform technologies in molecular diagnostics that differentiated itself from existing technologies, realizing that the personalized medicine is the future of the medical and biotech industries. Genematrix is also making efforts to develop new natural pharmaceutical materials and new drugs for disease treatment.
Genematrix does not only intend to maximize shareholder value by constantly creating growth momentum through partnering in the global market, but also to fulfill the company's role in the people-oriented 4th industry by taking a social responsibility in such field promoting national health and creating new jobs.

CEO Soo-Ok Kim