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Genematrix, specialized in multiplex molecular diagnostics, providing solutions for a healthy life.

  • Genematrix is developing new diagnostic products for various diseases by developing a globally competitive core platform technologies in the field of molecular diagnostics, which is attracting attention as a high-technology in the line of biotechnology.
  • The Molecular Diagnostic market has high growth rates among in-vitro diagnostics markets and is a high value-added industry that is highly dependent on advanced countries since global companies prevailed the most core technologies. Genematrix, since the beginning of the company, has developed its own technologies that is globally competitive in the field of molecular diagnostics through joint research with domestic and international companies and research institutes.
  • Molecular diagnostic technologies of Genematrix including C-TAG, Omniplex, EnCleap, TriO, REMP are applied to diseases such as hepatitis B, hepatitis C, cervical cancer, sexually transmitted infections, respiratory infections and gastrointestinal infections that are commercially available as molecular diagnostics. In particular, we are becoming a leading company in the international market by globally securing our original technologies that have an advantage in multiplexing that enables simultaneous detection of multiple genes or pathogens with a single test.
  • In addition to the diagnostic technology, Genematrix is developing vaccines that can prevent diseases, as well as new natural pharmaceutical materials for health improvement or treatment. We will grow into a biotechnofilogy company that provides a comprehensive solution for diagnosis, prevention, and treatment.
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