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작성일 16-03-23 13:29


Sorafenib, the only primary treatment for advanced liver cancer, has confirmed the effectiveness of a genetic marker that can predict patient-specific treatment response, applied for a patent for this technology, and completed the registration of diagnostic software.

More than 60% of patients with liver cancer are diagnosed with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma and cannot undergo curative treatments such as liver resection, so other conservative treatments are performed. Among them, standard systemic chemotherapy for advanced hepatocellular carcinoma is recommended. Sorafenib is becoming.

Despite being the only systemic chemotherapy for liver cancer, the treatment response rate of patients treated with sorafenib varies greatly from individual to individual, and the high cost of treatment puts a heavy burden on the patient.When sorafenib is prescribed, the treatment response is predicted in advance to determine the treatment response patient group. The need for biomarkers that can be screened has been constantly raised.

We plan to conduct clinical verification tests on large-scale clinical specimens in the first half of this year with Seoul National University Hospital, a joint research institution, and based on this, we plan to start commercialization in earnest.