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Exhibited at'MEDICA 2014', the world's largest medical device exhibiti…

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작성일 14-12-01 13:29


MEDICA, the world's largest medical device exhibition, was held for 4 days from November 12th to November 15th, 2014 at the International Expo Center in Dusseldorf, Germany. It was the 44th event this time from its first held in 1968, and it is always operated with a concept consistent with the needs of the global medical industry, so it is the most popular exhibition from buyers.

GeneMatrix, along with its subsidiary HBI, exhibited its booth at "MEDICA 2014", the center of the global medical market, and exhibited its flagship products, "PapilloTyper", a cervical cancer diagnosis product, and "PapilloScreen", and 100 We introduced female products to people around the world. Through meetings with 150 companies, we strengthened our existing overseas network and received a good response in consultation with new buyers. In the future, we plan to target the global market by introducing products that meet the market trend.