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작성일 14-03-17 13:29


GeneMatrix is our company's cervical cancer diagnosis product,'PapilloTyper' with the world's best genotypic resolution, and the new tumor antigen diagnosis drug'PapilloPredict', which was held in San Diego, USA. It was introduced at MSACL (Mass Spectrometry: Application to the Clinical Lab) 2014, the international clinical mass spectrometry society. MSACL is a large-scale international event in which domestic and foreign medical institutions and manufacturers of diagnostic medical devices participate. It is known that mass spectrometry-based cutting-edge medical technology is introduced, clinical applications are discussed, and technology transactions are actively conducted.

Through this announcement and development product exhibition, Gene Matrix shows 100 times higher analysis sensitivity than other HPV diagnostic agents approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), and advanced product Roche's Linear Array. They reported that they had about twice as much genotyping ability as they did. In addition, the newly introduced Papillopredic is a tumor antigen diagnostic agent for HPV, a direct inducer of cervical cancer, and has dramatically improved the predictive power of cancer incidence. We received interest and praise from companies and leading US clinical laboratory, and we decided to build an active cooperative relationship to advance into overseas markets.

We discussed product cooperation and development cooperation with BioMerieux, a leading company in the field of microbial diagnostics, in France, Thermo Fisher, the world's largest mass spectrometry and diagnostic equipment company, and Bruker, a representative mass spectrometer. Meanwhile, in order to effectively advance into the overseas clinical market, we visited the Virgin instruments corporation in Boston, USA, which possesses the core technology in the field of mass spectrometry equipment, and conducted on-site technical evaluation. We decided to accelerate our joint research.