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Announcement of merger termination report

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작성일 19-10-02 13:29


Announcement of merger termination report

Genematrix Inc. obtained approval for the merger (small-scale merger) of Genematrix Bio Co., Ltd. at the Board of Directors in lieu of the General Shareholders' Meeting held on August 16, 2019 pursuant to Article 527-3 (1) of the Commercial Act. Since the prescribed procedures required for the merger, such as creditor protection procedures, have been completed, in accordance with Article 526 (1) and (3) of the Commercial Act, the following announcement is made in lieu of the general shareholders' meeting to report the merger termination.


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1. Merger company

Merger Company: Genematrix

Extinct Company: Genematrix Bio


2. Merger Ratio: 1.0000000: 0.1516601 / Genematrix : Genematrix Bio

3. Purpose of the merger: To create operating profit and synergy through business integration, and to increase corporate value and shareholder value by reducing unnecessary resources and costs from maintaining subsidiaries.

4. Merger method: KOSDAQ listed corporation Genematrix Inc. merged with unlisted corporation Genematrix Bio. (small merger under Article 527-3 of the Commercial Act)

5. Number of shares issued by the merger and increased capital and reserves

1) New shares in merger: 638,671 shares

2) Capital to increase: Gold 319,335,500 won

3) Capital reserve: Based on the capital status of Genematrix Bio as of the merger date, it is calculated in accordance with relevant laws and international accounting standards adopted in Korea.

6. Major merger progress (refer to image)