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GeneMatrix commercializes molecular diagnostic products with Luminex i…

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작성일 16-11-01 13:29


GeneMatrix decided to commercialize a new molecular diagnostic product by fusion of its own gene amplification technology and multi-molecular diagnostic technology with the MAGPIX system of Luminex, USA.

Luminex conducts business through exclusive partnerships in the research and clinical fields.

MAGPIX is an analysis system applied with magnetic bead xMAP® technology. It has the advantage of multiple analysis functions that analyze dozens of targets at the same time, and it is also excellent in terms of rapid analysis performance as it can analyze 96 samples quickly within 1 hour.

We are commercializing various molecular diagnostics for viral hepatitis, cervical cancer, and respiratory infectious diseases by developing a number of molecular diagnosis source technologies such as C-TAG, EnCleaP, and RFMP®. We plan to launch related multi-molecular diagnostic products and enter overseas markets.