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NO. Title Date
132 Genematrix has launched two new product NeoPlex™ Monkeypox Virus Panels. 2022.07.29
131 Genematrix, New product NeoPlex™ HPV 29 detection kit is CE certified 2021.10.12
130 Genematrix, acquires COVID-19 vaccine substitute materials and secured superior neutralizing antibodies for commercial vaccines 2021.10.05
129 Genematrix, Acquires U.S. Patent for C-Tag™ Technology 2021.09.08
128 Genematrix, COVID-19 detection kits domestic authorization approved. 2021.08.30
127 Genematrix, "40-minutes-detection of COVID-19 FAST kit is now approved for MFDS in S.Korea" 2021.07.14
126 Genematrix acquires domestic manufacturing license for Flu/COVID19 detection kit 2021.07.05
125 Genematrix published paper on Zika virus vaccine efficiency in international academic journal 2021.06.14
124 Genematrix, acquires zica vaccine composition patent 2021.05.12
123 GeneMatrix applied for a patent of next-generation vaccine platform capable of rapid response. 2021.04.01
122 GeneMatrix, the leader of “K quarantine” shined in pandemic crisis. 2021.03.31
121 Genematrix has turned a profit - operating profit reached 2.2 billion Won last year 2021.02.15
120 Genematrix has proprietary technologies for molecular diagnostics with global competitiveness 2021.01.02
119 Genematrix, sales of 3.8 billion Won in the third quarter...235% ↑ compared to the previous year 2020.11.16
118 Genematrix acquired European CE certification for simultaneous detection kit : COVID-19 & Influenza 2020.10.29